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Benefits of Smoking Marijuana Wax, Oil, Shatter and Concentrate

Health benefits of marijuana oil, shatter, butter, dabs, etc.

With the rapid growth in the cannabis industry, we are seeing demand for marijuana, extracts, oils, butter and other various other derivatives increase significantly.  However, many are still not fully educated about the health effects and benefits of these products.

It is alarming how popular cannabis products have grown all over the world over the past 7 years. Sometimes when people hear the words “Medical Cannabis” most people tend to think of paper rolled joints, marijuana buds, and half-baked smokers.

But what is getting more and more popular these days are different marijuana extracts.  These concentrated extracts such as oils, shatters, and waxes vary due to their consistencies and textures and these extracts can contain components such as cannabinoids such as Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), Cannabinoid(CBD), Cannabichromene(CBC) and so on; that is medically germane to treat patients with medical conditions such as:

  • Cancer
  • PTSD
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Psychotic disorder
  • Weight loss
  • Appetite stimulator
  • Anti Nausea etc.
Close up detail of marijuana oil concentrate aka shatter isolated on black background

The extracts can have a similar makeup but the method of extracting the THC and their potency can vary.  For these reasons, extracts can be more beneficial for patients yielding up to 80% of the medicinal properties of marijuana.


is an all-embracing term used for marijuana plant extracts. As mentioned earlier, they come in different forms, consistencies and can be produced to create waxes, shatters, oils, dabs – to name a few.  But at the end of the day the main purpose is to take the main components from the marijuana plants which are namely the chemical compounds (Cannabinoids) like THC and CBD.

The marijuana plant contains hundreds of chemical compounds that are responsible for the flower psychotropic and medicinal qualities. More than 85 chemical compounds—cannabinoids – were detected in cannabis plant but the most commonly studied ones are THC and CBD.

The cannabis extracts can also vary in price ranging from $25 to $100 per gram depending on the quality, location, potency and consistency unlike regular marijuana which sells for about $5 to $15 per gram.

It has been shown that THC can act to direct and/or help with appetite, pain control, inflammation reduction and mood stabilization and because of its properties; it has been approved in some countries as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and asthma. The CBD on the other hand has been shown to suppress seizures in patients, reduce body pain, enhance mood, and also reduce vomiting and nausea.

The chemical compound percentage, also known as potency can also vary depending on the cannabis plant which is affected by certain factors such as soil conditions, climates, temperature, and humidity for growing the plant. Plants that are grown outdoors usually have less potency compared to those grown indoors under a controlled process. The potency of the extracts is important as patients would have to use fewer products to get the required result needed.


Oil extracts look like a thick, sticky resinous liquid. They are sometimes called honey oil due to its gold colour or butane oil due to the solvent used. The extracted cannabis oil from the plant comprises of a number of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. This concentration is very potent as such it is used to treat a number of medical conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, inflammatory disease. Medically, it has been tested to impact cancer growth; many have come to agree that cannabis oil will continue to have an impact in the medical community.

It can also be mixed with other ingredients while cooking

Because it has more viscosity than shatters and wax

Cannabis oil potency level is about 80% more than the cannabis plant itself and its potency depends solely on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol extracted from the initial plant during the extraction process.

Cannabis oil can also be taken orally through a capsule, an oral syringe or as a drop under the tongue. It can also be mixed with other ingredients while cooking because it has more viscosity than shatters and wax, although it should only be prepared with edible solvents such as butter and olive oil for it to be edible.

The CBD Oil market really started taking off a couple years ago and is seeing more market participants trying to serve the growing demand.

If you’re interested in adding some flavor to your life CBD Distillery is a company that has come up with some really creative ways to spruce up the taste of oils.  They provide Full Spectrum oils among flavored vape pens and creams.


also known as crumble, budder and flake extracts are opaque, thick and flaky though moist in nature due to its similarity with beeswax and earwax which results from condensation caused by rapid heating or stirring– it also vary in texture from thick liquid to candle wax. It has a similar extraction process as cannabis oil; the cannabis plant is immersed in a long pipe or tube with butane to extract the THC and making wax through a BHO (Butane hash oil) extraction process.

Unlike cannabis oil, cannabis wax has less potency due to the large amount of wax contained in it making it less potency percentage of about 70% and with a sweet flavour.

Cannabis can be consumed through a glass called GRAV labs glass or penVAPE, this can be done by placing the extracted wax on a heated pen and this process allows you to heat your cannabis wax over 399 degrees with a 4.2 volt battery.


Shatter appears to be more brittle and clear and almost glass-like in appearance. It looks like a very thick honey with some degree of transparency and colour. However, when warmed up it has a consistency similar to a thick honey but when it is cold, its consistency changes to resemble that of a glass and as such, it got the name “shatter” because it looks like a thin piece of glass or ice that can be shattered.  Shatter is most often made using a Rosin Press.

Among all cannabis concentrate, Shatter and cannabis oil are most similar, they are both made by butane though shatter is more refined and this makes it to be more potent than cannabis oils with about 90% THC extracted from the plant. Another advantage shatter has over other concentrates is that it can last longer and it’s more stable.

More so, the extraction process is more like that of wax but unlike wax, shatters are not “whipped”. Its extracts harden into a tiny cake which is then broken into smaller fragments. It can also be consumed by using a glass with a nail attachment where it is broken into a much smaller piece and placed on a heated pen like wax.

If you’re interested in learning how to make shatter yourself check out:  How to Make Your Own Shatter Using a Rosin Press


Although these extracts vary in consistency, they usually undergo the same process when extracted. First, the marijuana buds are immersed in a solvent (usually propane, butane or carbon dioxide)in order to extract the entire chemical compound from the plant. After extraction, the solvent is later evaporated from the extracts and you are left with the cannabis resin. Other solvents that can be used for extraction are Isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, water/steam, hydrocarbon.

It is also calculated that six (6) grams of marijuana oil is extracted from one (1) ounce of marijuana plant and just as it takes about five (5) pounds of marijuana plant to obtain about 120 to 140 grams of marijuana oil.

Extracting these concentrates can be done at home and you will likely stumble upon a couple of websites on the internet explaining the process but there are certain risks involved. One of the major concerns is that most home-based producers lack an appropriate ventilation system when heating flammable solvents like butane.

Are you located in Canada and are looking for an online dispensary that will ship shatter directly to you?  Check out: buymyweeedonline.com.


A RIG is a glass water pipe which is very similar to a bong with a titanium or glass “nail” where the bowl would be. An electric heating element or blow torch is used to heat the nail to the required temperature usually between 575 – 625° F. When the concentrate is torched to the nail, it instantly vaporizes and the user inhales through the rig mouthpiece.

There are two components you require when using a dab rig.  One is an appropriate lighting Torch to provide you with high heat and the second is a dab rig.  There are many glass rigs available on the market and like a pipe or bong, you need to be careful not to accidentally, break it.

For this reason, a company called Shredder has come out with one of the toughest Rigs available: SHREDDER420 WAX-DESTROYER – The OilRigger, for Wax, Concentrates (Black).

We recommend accommodating your dab rig with the following high temperature (can reach up to 2500 degrees Farenheit) torch: Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch.


Dabs are all-encompassing terms used for marijuana extracts/concentrates, that is, the process in which wax, oil and shatters are consumed.  Or, rather, the amount of extract heated and consumed through a dab kit. A dab kit looks like a glass bong but it is specially used for “dabbing”, also known as smoking Oil, shatter, wax or concentrate. Dabs or dabbing can be useful for easing chronic body pain and treating extreme nausea for immediate and very effective relief.


Dabbing is the act of smoking concentrates but definitely not for the faint-hearted. The potency of getting high on dab could be like getting high for the very first time even for smokers who are experienced. Therefore, it is advisable for first-time dabbers to start small and then increase their intake as they become accustomed to the potency. It’s advised to experiment with the users’ tolerance to find the most optimal dabbing volume.  A popular saying going around these days is: “A LITTLE DAB WILL DO YOU”

Patients who have been prescribed cannabinoids are otherwise known as cannabis extracts for medical treatment usually employ dabbing for its effectiveness. Using dab kits the patient heats the cannabis to a temperature lower than that of smoking, creating a moist of vaporized solution that can be inhaled. This makes it ideal for patients who are experiencing nausea and who cannot or do not wish to inhale smoke.

How do you store your extracts?

Finding an appropriately sized container for your extracts isn’t too difficult nor expensive.  You can buy a bunch of small containers in bulk and have them around whenever you need.

Merits of using Dab kits include:

Convenience: It is guaranteed so that you enjoy your concentrate with a Dab kit with ease and convenience because they are very easy to clean and the setup is faster compared to other medium of smoking.

Safety: As long as a dab kit is well designed it can be a safer option for smoking. While dabbing it includes heating the nail to certain temperature in order to vaporize the concentrate, please be careful when using the torch which can be quite powerful.

Size: Dab kits are usually smaller than glass bongs. This helps as a smaller dab kit can aid in creating a more potent and thicker product.

Please note that whether you decide to consume shatters, wax or oils, it is important to maintain caution and maintain safety measures

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  1. Zion Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

    Thanks for shedding light on all the new extract methods.
    I am not a proponent of smoking or vaping as there isn’t long term results on its effect on the lungs.
    There are numerous accounts of healing success using only full spectrum oil administered sublingually or through enteric capsules.
    I am referring to hemp, but it applies to marijuana as well. Thoughts?

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