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Bud and Breakfast 2018: Marijuana Holiday in the US

Bud & Breakfasts in the US

The sale of Marijuana for recreational purposes was legalized in 2014 in the states of Colorado and Washington.  Recreational marijuana is legal in eight states in the US, Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.  This legalization has led to the development of a concept known as “Bud and Breakfast”.  The ‘Bud’ in the bud and breakfast refers to the bud in the cannabis plant.  A bud and breakfast is a place where people can enjoy smoking marijuana along with the traditional hospitality of a bed and breakfast. When pot was legalized in the state of Colorado, its public use was forbidden. As a result, people were able to buy marijuana but had nowhere to smoke it.  This dilemma inspired “ganjapreneurs” who decided to open up spaces that not only offered hospitality, but a place where ganja could be smoked. Until recently what was a black market, is now turning into a billion-dollar industry.

Cannabis friendly vacation destinations are on the rise. Budandbreakfast.com is one such company that enlists cannabis friendly properties on their portal. You can find cannabis friendly stays on their website all over the world.   Some of these destinations not only allow you to smoke pot, but also give you a detailed tour of the farms where it is grown.  Also, you get a chance to explore its history, growth and educate yourself on the latest science related to cannabis. This experience is very much similar to that of visiting a winery.

Most Popular Bud and Breakfast Destinations

Denver, Colorado is the most popular destination when it comes to marijuana tourism. Camp Bud+Breakfast was America’s first cannabis resort. Owned by the Mary Jane group and located in the Rocky Mountains, it offers both the recreational use of marijuana and an educational tour of the ranch. One might assume that these types of accommodations are run down from party goers, but Camp Bud+Breakfast is nothing like that.  It is, in fact, a high-end establishment where people can smoke and socialize.  A stay at the Camp Bud+Breakfast in Silverthorne offers free samples of marijuana during their 420 happy-hour. Unfortunately, the other two locations do not provide you with cannabis, due to legal issues. Guests can bring their own marijuana while pipes and bongs may be available at the inns.

Bear Creek Lounge in Alaska treats you with a fine dining experience, offering a five-course meal.  It is located in Hope, Alaska so you can enjoy activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, rafting etc. In the evening, you can smoke a local strain of marijuana and relax in the breathtaking landscapes of the Chugach National Forest.

Sonshine house in Washington has a silent farm setting. It is built on a real cannabis farm. The hosts of this accommodation also organize a weekly farmer’s market where the tourists can get an insider’s look and experience the farming of cannabis at a local level. They have a very large lounge area perfect for smoking and consuming marijuana along with a little socializing. There is plenty of space to wander or just go for a stroll.

Green friendly in Oregon offers a spacious studio with a fire pit and a private patio. Pet owners have an advantage as this accommodation is pet-friendly as well. It can also be turned into a luxurious stay on your demand. You can ask the hosts for any facilities that you may need during your stay such as washer/ dryer BBQ etc.

How Much Does a Bud and Breakfast Cost?

My420 tours is a weed tourism service in Colorado. This service provides a four-day Colorado Cannabis excursion for approximately $1200. In this package, you are chauffeured to various growing locations. A legal place is provided to try different strains of weed.  Then there are other holiday events such as Valentine’s day where you may be offered some additional perks such as a couple’s massage and glass blowing classes where people can learn how to make bongs, wine glasses etc. This package costs around $3000-$4000.

There are other services such as the Colorado highlife which offers affordable tourism. At a price of $1200, you are picked up by a limo and chauffeured to ski resorts where snacks soda and complimentary pot is part of the package.

Colorado Green tours offer a bus ride for $400. This tour includes visiting dispensaries and a safe legal place to smoke up. It does not however, include weed. You will have to buy your own pot.

Packages start anywhere from $170 and can go as high as $10000. They are highly customizable. You get what you pay for. Some packages include tours with some classes such as painting pottery etc. There are packages which offer you a whole range of activities to choose from that you can enjoy along with the tour. There are cooking classes, infused dinner parties, Concentrates Extract classes.  In some packages activities like rock climbing, biking tours, hot air ballooning and horseback riding are also offered, but of course the prices go up accordingly. You can choose according to the money that you plan to spend. The higher you go on the budget, the more interesting activities you can choose from.

Things to Consider Before You Take a Weed Vacation

Before you plan to go on a cannabis vacation, there are certain things that you should keep in mind in terms of the legalities and the do’s and don’ts while you are enjoying your trip.

  • Marijuana is not legal at a federal level so it’s illegal to carry it out of the state or to the airport.
  • Although marijuana is legal in these eight states, be sure to check the rules and regulations for your chosen destination as rules for different locations could be different.
  • Driving while you are high on pot is illegal; not just driving even carrying an open packet in the car is illegal.
  • Use of marijuana in a public place is forbidden.
  • You need to be at least 21-year-old adult in order to purchase marijuana in any of these states. However, the quantities that you can purchase differ for each state.

Legalizing marijuana has been a long debate and it has been legal for medicinal purposes for quite some time now. After the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption, a new industry has suddenly begun to rise.  Statistics show that hotel searches in Colorado went significantly up after the legalization of recreational marijuana. Legalization has led to a huge number of other activities that are cannabis-focused such as trade fairs and grow-room tours. There are countries like Spain and Portugal who have decriminalized marijuana decades ago. In fact, Uruguay is the first nation to legalize marijuana completely. The booming market and the growth that this cannabis tourism trend is witnessing is remarkable and overwhelming.

This industry is now a billion-dollar industry and the numbers suggest that this could be the next big thing in the tourism market.  People are becoming more aware of its usage and consumption of marijuana and this has led to the curiosity of experiencing it hands-on.  Cannabis tourism offers them a chance to not only smoke up but also learn more about the natural plant. Although weed still remains a highly regulated substance, a huge demand for making it legal can be observed worldwide.

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