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CBD Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Does cbd oil help hair loss or thinning?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a very popular natural remedy used for different purposes. Hair loss is currently one of the major problems for some people all across the world.  The CBD hair oil is also an exceptional natural hair growth product which is prepared from the marijuana or hemp plant.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the major cannabinoid founded in the mixture of products of the Cannabidiol. Products of Cannabidiol can be used to fix pain related issues and symptoms without affecting the other parts of the body.

Male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss can be the two main considerations when it comes to the most concerning hair issues we see.  The cause of hair loss can be different for everyone whether it’s genetic, environmental or dietary. 

Hair loss can affect our confidence, self-esteem, and daily wellbeing.  Cannabidiol can be a great option for helping promote hair growth without the intrusion of potentially harmful chemicals which we’ll talk about later in the article. 

Hair loss is described under scientific reference as alopecia. For some people, hair loss is a big problem. Sometimes, with the passage of age, your hairs automatically start to fall out and thin – this is known as the involutional alopecia. It can affect both males and females in so many ways. Sometimes, hormonal changes can also affect hair changes.  In men, when testosterone is converted to DHT, it has been shown that this can cause hair loss.  In addition, high-stress levels can lead to higher fight or flight responses which elevates cortisol – another precursor to hair loss.

Now, this can become another important question for the people who really want to get over the issues of hair loss and thinning. Why does it happen? Is this a genetic problem? Is it due to a nutritional deficiency? Again, we can’t answer that directly since every individual is different.

      •   Physical stress could be the main reason
      •   A lack of nutrients and minerals can be the issue. Also, are you getting enough protein in your diet?
      •   Male pattern baldness: Many men face hair loss issues after the age of 60
      •   Female pattern hair loss
      •   Higher estrogen levels can also contribute hair problems
      •   Emotional stress – whether it’s work or family, we all go through it at some point in our lives.
      •   Anemia and vitamin B deficiency – Vitamin B is a very important component to good health, so make sure you’re getting enough.
      •   Dramatic weight loss

What constitutes the promotion of hair growth?

There’s no magical formula for the perfect hair we strive for.  We suggest that you look at all the factors that contribute to hair loss and make sure you’re getting what your body needs.  However, there are natural products out there that can help you along your way.

Can CBD oil help hair growth?  How and Why?

In short, yes. CBD oil nourishes the scalp and strengthens hairs without the nasty side effects of something like Minoxidil (AKA Rogaine) or Propecia. There are more than 113 active chemicals and ingredients available in CBD.

Cannabis sativa plants contain powerful and useful hair growth ingredients and mixtures, which makes it more reliable as the permanent solution of hair falling and thinning issues.  The Omega oils contained in CBD oil will help keep the hair looking healthy while keeping nourished as it contains essential minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Remember, Zinc is a big proponent to healthy skin and hair.  Making sure that your hair has access to this vital mineral can surely help the state of your hair.

How do you use CBD Oil to help hair grow? Is it topical or oral or both?

There are both topical and oral products out there.  Both can surely help your hair loss problem.  For one CBD orally has shown to relax and reduce anxiety and stress which can be a leading contributor to hair loss.

In addition, using a topical product will also help your hair from your scalp to the tips.

  •   Topical: Depending on how much hair you are dealing with.  Use enough to allow your hair to be wet by CBD Oil
  •   Oral: Simply place the desired quantity of drops under your tongue
  •   Topical: You’ll want to use a dropper to spread out the oil appropriately onto your hair
  •   If you find that you have experienced any sort of sensitivity to using it topically, try watering it down a bit

Is synthetic oil like topical Rogaine best for hair growth? Can you use CBD oil instead of other synthetic chemicals? Well, again there is no straight answer to this.  Everyone will have different goals.  But a general rule is that the majority of big pharma products don’t come without side effects.  Watch a TV commercial on the latest drugs and you’ll see what we mean.

CBD Oil is much more natural than those big pharma products and we want to make sure that you are making a good choice before taking something that is potentially harmful in both the short and long term.  For this reason, we suggest trying something natural like CBD oil.

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