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How to Clean, Cut, and Prepare your Cannabis Roots

There are many different things you can do with your cannabis roots, so make sure that you don’t throw them away.  Unlike your regular outdoor weeds, you can use your cannabis roots as they contain CBD (Cannabinoids) that can further be extracted.  You can make a paste, shred and dry them up, prepare a tincture.  It’s really up to you!  Whatever you do, don’t throw your weed roots in the garbage!

Here are some simple steps to follow when your marijuana plants have finished blooming.

STEP 1 – Take Roots out when in fresh moist soil

Make sure that the soil is still fresh.  We mean, not dried up and still moist preferably.  What will happen is if the soil is dry, it will stick onto the roots and it will be much more difficult to get off during the cleaning process.

If you are dealing with dry soil, you can try to get the moisture back by adding water and leaving it for a few hours before taking the roots out.

STEP 2 – Get a small gardening shovel

You’ll need a small potting or gardening shovel.  Once you have “de-potted” the plant, you’ll want to take the small shovel and bang the roots lightly to get the major soil off. Continue to do so until very little soil seems to come off.  It’s not necessary to go full force on your cannabis roots.  We’re dealing with a plant after all.

STEP 3 –  Cutting and Rinsing the roots with water

When you’re cutting the roots off, leave about 3-4 cm above the root so that they are all intact.  Have you ever bought a bunch of Enoki mushrooms before?  If you answered yes to this, you’ll know what we’re talking about here.  If you answered no (likely chance!), make sure you don’t cut too low. Leave some space, otherwise it will be more difficult to treat after.

Rinsing.  This is where water is going to be your best friend.  You may have to rinse repeatedly until you get the soil out. You’re not going to want any residue especially if you’ll be ingesting these lovely roots in the future, so take your time and be patient.  It might take longer than you think.

If possible, use room temperature water.  Try to refrain from exposing the weed roots to extreme temperatures as you want to keep them as “live” as possible to retain their chemical composition.

STEP 4 – Drying the Cannabis Roots

Now it’s time to store the roots in dry and dark area.  If the room or space is too moist, the roots may be susceptible to mold or external bacteria.  A dark closet or pantry will do just fine.  

Dry the roots for TWO Days.  This may vary depending on how dry your storage place is.  

STEP 5 –  Get rid of the remaining residue

You’re going to want to get an old toothbrush or a small brush to get whatever leftover soil and dirt is still on the CBD roots.  Again, no need to go full force or apply too much pressure on the roots!  This is more of a polishing process.

Dried Cannabis Marijuana Roots
Dried Cannabis Weed Roots








This process can vary depending on various factors such as whether your plants were grown indoors or outdoors, the type of soil used, the type of chemicals used, etc.

Because of the above, it is very important to keep in mind that:

1) you are doing this because you don’t want dirt in your end product and

2) there may be leftover chemical residues from the agents used (ie:  hydroponic growth enhancers).

It might seem like work initially but it will be well worth it in the end!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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