Dulytek Review – Do they make good Rosin Heat Presses?

Dulytek is a U.S-based engineering firm that designs and sells equipment for cannabis oil extraction presses and other equipment for a wide range of businesses ranging from herbal stores and breweries to experimental labs and several others. The firm develops rosin presses that are stress-free to use, low-cost and dependable so that customers can carry out the process daily with no hassle. A number of their press machines are portable and lightweight, which makes them easy to use at home. 

As a means to satisfy their growing customer base, Dulytek’s design team has consistently worked together to develop ways to optimize and enhance rosin extraction processes to provide its customers with the best merchandise possible. Notwithstanding the type of rosin press, either pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, or even manual power equipment, Dulytek has a wide range of products that you may be looking for.

Dulytek Rosin Press Line

Let’s have a look at some of  Dulytek’s products ranging from the most expensive to the lowest priced. Some of the machines are built for industrial usage while the majority can be used at home. 


This machine produces up to 20 tons of press force, and it is designed for mass rosin production. It currently costs USD 4,299.00 on the official Dulytek website. Unlike other rosin press equipment, it has bigger plates and more powerful pressure and also uses electricity to power its hydraulic cylinders. 

The heating plate of DE40K for one is made of stainless steel; the food-grade kind of stainless and it is built in such a way that it prevents heat loss to several parts of the press. 

Even more, it has a temperature control that enables users to set the temperature bottom and upper plates and recommends that temperature settings be utilised to produce high-quality rosin press oil with the best taste, aroma, and clarity. The machine is, however, under redesign. It is expected to be released later this month.


The DE10K produces up to 5 tons of press force, and it is designed to extract every single drop of rosin from your cannabis efficiently. It currently costs USD 1,799.00 on the official Dulytek website. 

Like the DE40K, the press uses electricity to power its free-of-oil-leaking hydraulic cylinder, so no hand pumping is required with this machine. All the user need is to press the up and down button, then do a pressure-controlled or gradual pressing. 

More so, the 3″ x 5″ heating plates are made of food-grade stainless steel that is inert to the customer pressing material and offers excellent heat distribution. More importantly, both plates are further insulated to prevent heat loss to other portions of the press. 

Likewise, the dual temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature for the platens and use lower recommended temperature settings to produce premium quality oil with the best aroma, taste, and clarity. 


The DW6000 produces up to 3 tons of press force to the 2.5 by 5-inch solid aluminum plates at just the push of a button. It currently costs USD 749.00 on the official Dulytek website. 

It is an effortless way to extract rosin for pressers of all skill levels and a perfect addition for any small business, concentrate lover, or grower. This heat press features an integrated LED workstation light and a dual-function touchscreen display to control the plate’s temperature and timer, all housed in a robust stainless steel frame. 


The DHP7 produces up to 7 Tons of force pumped up to its 6 by 2.5 inch insulated solid aluminum heat plates squeezing herbs to capture every last drop of precious solventless oil. It currently costs USD 549.00 on the official Dulytek website. 

The pressure and ram speed of the press is controlled by the gentle pumping of the cranking handle. 

The machine also comes with a complimentary starter kit that includes all the essential tools and accessories necessary to start pressing right away: two rosin collection tools, a non-stick silicone mat, ten sheets of parchment paper, 3 ml rosin storage jar, and four magnets.


The DW4000 has a 2.5-ton pressing force suitable for an individual user, and it features two by 4 inches solid aluminium plates, two separate microprocessor-controlled temperature and timer panels, and a sturdy handle that makes the machine easy to lift and move. It currently costs USD 449.00 on the official Dulytek website. 

During extraction, the desired pressure is achieved by turning the handwheel conveniently located on the side of the machine. The press comes with a 3-prong power cord, instruction manual, starter kit, and rubber mallet to adhere the handwheel to the frame of the machine.


The DW1005 applies 1000 pounds of force to its three by 5-inch dual heat solid aluminum plates. It currently costs USD 369.00 on the official Dulytek website. It is a sleek and affordable half-ton clamshell-style manual rosin press. 

The press features an adjustable pressure knob and a locking lever mechanism for applying maximum pressure without continuous use of manual force as well as touchscreen temperature and timer controls. Moreover, the temperature controls can be easily adjusted to show settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preferences.

This is a great option for a cheaper-priced heat-press, primarily because it’s a manual press.


It is dubbed the most compact and lightweight model in the press line weighing in at 10 pounds. The manual press also generates up to 1000 pounds of force like its successor, DW1005. 

Portable, affordable, and efficient, this instrument is an excellent addition for all cannabis concentrate lovers, and it’s the perfect size to pack up and bring to your next friends gathering. It currently costs USD 219.00 on the official Dulytek website. 

Are Dulytek Presses Good For Marijuana Processing/Extraction?

The Dulytek Rosin Press machines are one of the best presses available in the market for cannabis rosin processing and extraction. Amongst various other rosin presses, many people prefer the Dulytek due to its durability with the Dulytek DW6000 being one of the most preferred. 

The Dulytek DW6000 like every other Dulytek rosin presses, although not so large is about 18.9 x 13.6 x 10.4 inches and weighs about 63 lbs. The machine was made, so that cannabis home growers and professionals have the means to extract rosin from their marijuana.

The majority of Dulytek presses have dual 5″ heating plates which come with double temperature timer and controls; what thismeans is, you are allowed to adjust the temperature to either Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on your preference. 

They are also hands-free and virtually plug and play, which means all you have to do is place your cannabis accordingly and you can begin the extraction process once the plates are heated. In addition, the handle design is ergonomic while the work area is ignited by LED. 

While the extraction process goes on, there are also suction cups available at the feet of the machine to help you keep all the extracted rosins in place so you don’t lose them. 

The Dulytek rosin press is also very easy to assemble with user-friendly instructions; as such, the set up would take less than half an hour. The press quality is also quite impressive along with ease of operation as many users might be discouraged if it had to be mechanically operated. 

More so, the heat press works flawlessly, and also the body has a rugged construction and easy-to-use touch screen. The built-in LED light is pretty handy as it helps you see what is going on in darker areas.  

All in all, the rosin press line is quite comprehensive; it is also durable – built well and perfect for an at-home system. Just as important, the customer service at Dulytek is stellar; they respond exceptionally well to inquiries and issues that arise with the presses. 

Our Verdict

Having been designed and produced in the U.S., Dulytek machines do not compromise on quality and durability. It is also evident that the device was built with precision and care. On opening the case, you will find it in a plastic protective covering as the whole unit lifts out as one piece. When you pull the plastic off it reveals a fantastic, home-use plug-and-play rosin press, with the plug-and-play option being one of the perks of using the machine. The user manual also provides you with a means to navigate the digital timer and temperature settings. It is also possible to set several different timers, and if you need to lower or raise the temperature, it does so very quickly and efficiently. 

If you are new to rosin press, the Dulytek press line is a great choice; the DM 1005 comes with a super useful little tool set and some slick paper that will help you during your first press. 

Operating the Dulytek rosin press comes with a bit of a learning curve. But like anything, once you go through a couple of runs using your rosin press, we’re confident you will be creating some earth-shattering (pun intended) products with your cannabis.

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