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How to Make Shatter Using a Rosin Heat Press

The latest development when it comes to the Cannabis Industry are “Marijuana Concentrates”, commonly known as “Cannabis extracts” which is an extremely effective concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that looks like butter or honey. There are numerous cannabis extracts; Cannabis oil, wax, and shutter are just a few of them.

Shatter which is known to be the purest of all smokable forms of cannabis extracts is quite similar to wax despite how different they look. Shatter is stable but seems to last longer and it is more challenging to handle, especially when it pertains to dabbing.  Also, one thing to mention is that shatter has some of the highest terpene contents of all concentrated extracts.

How to Make Shatter

To start with, you need to get a variety of equipment ready, like a tube, filters, a vacuum, a stand to hold it in, heating pan, a Rosin press, and a chamber to press in and so on. Although Cannabis extracts vary in stability, they usually undergo the same process to be extracted.

  • Pack the extraction tube in a way that enough amount of air can get through. Extraction tube that is made of thick glass is most preferred.
  • Once the marijuana buds is submerged in the extraction tube and the filters are over the end, secure the filters with a strong holding substance.
  • Flush your extraction tube which contains your submerged buds with a solvent (usually a pressurized butane, propane, or carbon dioxide) to remove the whole compound from the plant.
  • Ensure you vaporize the solvent from the extract so that you can be left with the Cannabis resin.
  • A Rosin press is needed to get rid of the last bit of your solvent.

A rosin press is a machine that produces a controlled amount of heat and pressure.

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If you are growing your own plants, it is advisable to use root strengthener from the start of the growth process as this is one of the major secret to making your shatter as strong as needed.

Encourage foliar spray too, because this is a spray that feeds nutrients directly to the plants through its leaves. The spray helps strengthen your plant for much larger harvest and stronger weed yields, and it also ensures your plant won’t become strained and it is much more effective than standardized root fertilizers.

How much do I need to Spend?

  • Unlike cheap presses which can be money-consuming, heavy duty presses are designed to be low maintenance.
  • Full demanding force can be conveyed at any point in the stroke in a heavy-duty hydraulic press compared to cheap mechanical presses where full power is delivered only at the bottommost end.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic presses offer dual benefits of low starting costs and low operating costs.


  • If not careful, hot rosin plates can burn the skin.
  • A lot of money is required to purchase rosin presses as they are relatively expensive.
  • High-pressure rosin presses can be dangerous in some other cases
DulyTek Rosin Press

We’ve seen many different pollen presses on the market disappear over the last few years.  One of the more popular and reliable presses are made by DulyTek.  If you’re looking for the best bang for buck, we would suggest the Dulytek DW6000 Heat Press.  It has a pressing force of up to 6000 lb / 3 tons.  Unlike loud, pneumatic presses, you have very little noise coming from this particular press.  The DW6000 is equipped with 5″ dual heating plates with both temperature controls and a press timer.  Dimensions are 18.9 x 13.6 x 10.4 inches and weighs in at approximately 72.8 lbs.  The warranty includes 6 months on major components and 3 years on other parts.

There are other new additions to Dulytek’s product line.  For a full comparison click here 

Since Cannabis extraction involves butane which is a highly flammable hydrocarbon that can blow up your kitchen or bathroom and can also cause severe damage to your health if the specialized equipment is not used like you’d find in a chemistry lab, please do the process outdoor.

Shatter Containers and Storage

So now that you have your shatter, you need a place to store it.  Some people prefer to store it in a fridge or freezer, but regardless, you’ll need to keep it safe from living up to its name.

There are various containers sold online marketed as dab containers and as of writing, but these practical mini storages can be used for all sorts of things like creams, balms, waxes, etc.

We would suggest getting a kit that includes a carving tool so that you chip at your hard earned shatter delicately.  They aren’t too expensive and you can get some pretty colorful kits like the Wax Carving Travel Kit [MILITARY CAMO] Nonstick Tin with Silicone Jar Containers 5 mililiters (2 units) and Stainless Steel Carving Tool (1) and Mini Carver Tool (1) and Wax Mat 3″ x 5″ (1).

As you become more verse with making shatter using a rosin press, you will find that it becomes an addictive activity as you refine your skills. Eventually, you’ll need more storage for your shatter. We recommend getting at least half a dozen containers which you can get just under $25 : Dab Containers Silicone Large (10 pcs) 22ml Dab Jars, Non Stick Wax Containers.

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