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Marijuana Roots and the Benefits of CBD (Cannabinoids)

`Marijuana’ the popular lingua franca of the Cannabis sativa has been for a very long time and in many countries been the point of contention on whether it should be legalized or not. It has caused a furor amongst many people and caused demonstrations where people started revolting against the government. Originally, marijuana was commonly used as a pain reliever. The psychoactive function of the plant was just discovered recently no wonder it is illegalized in most countries.

Marijuana has been in existence for ages now, and it has been used as a drug by our great grandfathers. We can say that it is quite ancient because it has been used even during the biblical times but for the different reason from how we use and abuse at the moment. It is believed that the cannabis sativa originated from central Asia more than twelve thousand years ago. Its origin is currently Siberia and Mongolia. This is way back, and that was when it was discovered and named, but before it was named, the Stone Age Vikings and tyrants used the herb to relieve pain. Marijuana falls into the category of the oldest cultivated crops.

Evident to our theory, marijuana seeds have been found in historic sites dating back to 3000 BC having been burned. Also in China and Siberia, it has been discovered that people used to be buried in mummified cannabis tombs which were found. This is evidence enough that marijuana has been in existence for quite some time now.

Cannabis formerly existed in Central Asia, and it is believed that it was brought by the Scythians which was nomadic group occupying the place. They are a nomadic group, and according to historians they later occupied Russia and Ukraine, and that was how the drug found its way to these places from where it originate. Some Germanic tribes, later on, brought the drug to German and to Britain during the Anglo-Saxon invasion. As you can see, this is how the drug started spreading to other continents and countries slowly by slowly. Cannabis, later on, was introduced into America by immigrants who were fleeing from southwest Mexico to America.

A fact about marijuana which most people do not know about is that there are two subspecies of the plant; Cannabis sativa and the Cannabis sativa L. The Cannabis sativa is the psychoactive drug which contains cannabinoids CBD and THC. The other cannabis sativa L.is known as Hemp, it is non-psychoactive and is used in the manufacture of products such as oil. This difference can be a little bit hard for people to understand and that is why in America the Cannabis sativa L had been illegalized until they, later on, came to realize it can be used for industrial purposes and it did not have psychoactive properties.

The first psychoactive reference of marijuana was during the reign of Shen Nung, the Chinese emperor who believed that the drug could be used as a medication for rheumatism, malaria, and absent-mindedness. Now that was a bit odd, but then again during those times, there was no way you could prove anything scientifically. For Muslims and Indians, it was used solely for recreational purposes since they could not use alcohol as it is banned by the Koran. They discovered that either smoking the grounded leaves of the cannabis, chewing it or making a brew out of it gave a feeling of highness and relaxation.

Marijuana started off being used for medicinal purposes. Yes, it did give a sense of highness while ingested or being used in most places especially central Asia, the healing part was considered important. After some time of continuous use of marijuana, people become so used to the feeling it gave than its medicinal purpose, and they could ingest it even if they were not sick. That how it started becoming an abused drug. It had spread to Europe, America and some parts of North Africa. It was not commonly abused as people do nowadays. It was used in small quantities. For instance, in America, before it was illegalized it was correctly used by jazz musicians and celebrities or people in the show business. Jazz musicians used the drug since they commonly sang `reefer songs.’

For marijuana smokers or those who use it in general, there are two types of cannabinoids namely; THC and CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which will give the user a high feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike, THC which may cause anxiety and paranoia to the user, CBD is totally relaxing. That is why it’s frequently used for therapeutic purposes:

•    It can be used to relieve pain.
•    Reduces alcoholism
•    Prevents diabetes, arthritis, PTSD and other conditions
•    It is used as anti-anxiety.
•    Marijuana root

The root of the cannabis Sativa contains very high levels of CBD. Therefore, it is usually used for medicinal purposes. Many people are under the impression that it is only the leaves of the plant that can be used. The roots are also highly beneficial; in fact, that is where a lot of the conventional nutrients are stored. We had said earlier that CBD is the cannabinoid in marijuana that is used mostly for medicinal purposes. There are a couple of ways which you can prepare the roots to get the CBD content. The most commonly used method is drying the root then grinding it into flour then you can use the powder to prepare a paste solution or solve.

Grounding it into flour is the best way in which you will infuse the contents because you practically mix it with any fluid such as tea, porridge or even juice or a smoothie. The CBD can also be ingested since it is pretty harmless. It helps to infuse the effects of the substance THC especially if you start experiencing the effects it causes such as anxiety or paranoia.

The cannabis root does not contain any element of the THC cannabinoid, and therefore it will not have an adverse effect on you using it. As I had mentioned earlier that the powder could be ingested for therapeutic purposes, it can be prepared as cream because it helps reduce swelling and relieve pain. The root is usually prepared using some Cream or Gel which can be applied to the affected area. Research of people using the root for medicinal purposes has also proven that washing the root stump and chewing while Raw also has the same effect. It helps reduce arthritic pain patient, though it may have a weird taste at first, it will wear off after some time, and you will get used to it.

According to research studies, the following are some of the conditions that can be cured or prevented using the balm made from the root stump of the cannabis.

  • Psoriasis and Dermatitis
    •    lip-balm,
    •    blisters caused by fevers
    •    any form of herpes
    •    wounds, knife-cuts, adolescent pimples,
  • The root stump of the Cannabis sativa basically contains lipids which are sugars with low quantities of alkaloids, terpenes, and other useful compounds. The root stump of marijuana contains ethanol, and if it is extracted, the ethanol contains a couple of compounds which have healing properties. The ethanol extracts contain; terpenes friedelin, epifredelanol, and pentacyclic triterpene ketones. These extracts have properties such as liver protecting, inflammation reduction and pain relieving.
  • The root of the Cannabis sativa has also been found to contain compounds such as atropine and choline but in relatively small quantities. The choline is a nutrient which helps in the improvement of the body’s well-being, it is a dietary nutrient. It is very crucial to the maintenance of the cells in the body. This nutrient is efficient, and it is thought that women who are approaching menopause are likely to have limited choline. Therefore, it is important. Atropine is of use to the body as it helps in the relaxation of the eye muscles. It also helps in the dilation of the pupil during a change in light intensity. It is also used during resuscitation to increase the heart rate. As you can see the cannabis root has imperative qualities which improve the functioning of the body.

If you decide to grow cannabis specifically for its roots, then I think the hydroponic and aeroponic techniques will be well advised because this will ensure that they get proper care. You can be checking on them on a regular basis and also if something goes wrong with the roots such as an illness, you will be in a position to detect it at an early stage, and corrective measures will be taken. You can also air prune the roots, this means that you expose the roots to low humidity and they will die off. If they die off, the plant will generate the growth of other roots and if this is done right then during harvesting, you will have a very large stump of cannabis root.

The CBD which is a component of marijuana that does not have psychoactive components has many benefits, most of which are medicinal;

Aids in Digestion

CBD improves or rather increases appetite, and you will find out that most ailments affect your appetite and you will not be eating as much as you should. The CBD will improve your appetite, and also it eases the feeling of nausea. When you get sick, your body will need the strength and nutrients to help you fight it off and repair the worn out tissues. This means that you have to eat food to help you with that. The CBD will help you with the digestion thus a speedy recovery.

Helps Reduce Anxiety

There are most people who suffer from anxiety disorders due to occurrences or lifestyle. This disorder will mess up with the way you view life compared to the way it should be viewed. There are existing drugs for this kind of condition but research shows that CBD will help relieve anxiety better and faster than the common drugs. The CBD also does not have a side effect on the user. Some people have complained of anxiety attacks when using marijuana but this is because the THC level was higher than the CBD level.

People suffering from anxiety and depression should be advised to use CBD because of the aftermath. The anti-depressants given by health specialist have side effects and the patient will suffer from withdrawal symptoms, which is not the case with CBD. A faster recovery is also guaranteed.

Inhibits Cancer Growth

This has been approved that the use of CBD inhibits the further growth and spread of cancerous cells and tumors. The CBD has a protective effect on the body cells from tumors. It also induces tumor death. Patients suffering from cancer may result to using CBD together with chemotherapy along with the doctor’s prescriptions to help fight cancer. If used correctly, the CBD can prevent cancer spread. The use of chemotherapy has very adverse side effects on the human body compared to the use of CBD.

Helps in Reducing Psychotic Behavior

CBD helps relieve psychotic symptoms associated with schizophrenia. We said that CBD does not have psychoactive components in the human body. It also helps reduce the effects of THC the other component in marijuana. The effects of THC are more or less the same as psychotic breaks from patients suffering from schizophrenia. It gives the patient a relaxing and calm feeling, and it may even induce sleeping after some time. It is better than the drugs given to those patients who have side effects, and the patient will have withdrawal symptoms afterward. The CBD does not have any side effect, and it is more effective than the pharmaceuticals drugs.

Pain Relief

CBD acts as a pain reliever and patients suffering from arthritis or rheumatism are very much encouraged to use it. Marijuana was first discovered for its medicinal purpose of relieving pain in the Middle East. What most people did not realize at that time that it was the CBD. People using painkillers especially the generic ones suffer from side effects especially if you have a condition which requires you to use painkillers on a regular basis. That is why it is advisable to use CBD which does not have side effects.

These are some of the benefits of CBD  and as you can see they are all medicinal benefits. This paints the picture that marijuana is a drug which is important to us and our health. It is very ironical that despite all its medicinal benefits it is still illegal in many countries. There are few countries in the world where marijuana is legal, one of them being Canada. Countries in North America are on the verge of making marijuana a legal drug, after all, we have seen that it does more harm than good. You can imagine what this will do to the rest of the world. The legalization of marijuana in North America will be a wake-up call to many countries. It will be an eye opener for marijuana activists.

More than eight states in North America are advocating for the legalization of marijuana. Washington D.C and Colorado had been leading in the legalization of marijuana but this time round Canadians are proving to be superior in that. Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001. Now they are working on the legalization of recreational marijuana. This will basically be opening the door for marijuana to be sold in pharmacies and to be used outdoor. If the new legislation is passed, then this will open a new world of no risks for marijuana farmers who had previously been harassed due to their profession. Now legalizing marijuana in North America will have a very excellent economic impact on the country and even globally. Weed, as it is commonly known represents a huge market out there and if the government decides to legalize the production of marijuana, they can benefit in the form of taxes.

Legalizing marijuana also gives the government control over how it will be produced and its distribution by imposing laws. There is no way you can control something that is illegal. For those states, “illegalizing” marijuana has made it more popular. It is still being used despite the rules and laws against it. North America legalizing the use and growth of recreational marijuana will not lead automatically to world domination but this will happen gradually since it will open its borders to investors who are willing to invest a lot of capital into the weed business in North America. Later on, this will open channels to a huge market for American investors.
During the reign of President Obama, this would have been possible and a lot simpler since Congress had people who were open to the idea of marijuana being legalized. Passing this law on a federal level will become very hard because of the current reign of Donald Trump who is not quite enthusiastic about the course of action. In fact, he does not care whether it is legalized or not. The marijuana business has the potential to grow voluptuously only if it is legalized on the federal level. This will ensure that the product can be exported to other states within the U.S. Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott announced that she would announce the legalization of recreational marijuana personally next spring. Now ii know you are probably wondering how is it possible for Canada to legalize recreational marijuana while it is still a schedule 1 drug in the US. Well, the legalization part is the law of the land in Canada, and it is allowed, but it will still be illegal outside Canada.
Legalizing marijuana in Canada is a power move and at the moment, the country gets close to 30 billion dollars in sales. This may push other States in America to want to legalize the drug.  And possibly other countries in different continents will follow suit as well. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed former police boss Chief Blair to be the marijuana czar. He was to come up with a strategy on how pot will be sold and which rules should be put in place. That shows how serious they are in making the marijuana industry grow. Currently, medical practitioners with licenses are allowed to distribute marijuana to their patients through mail services and only to patients who are prescribed to by a doctor. This will take a dramatic change because the state will come up with a law that will allow the patients to grow their own medical marijuana. Unlicensed pot dealing dispensaries are illegal in Canada and are clearly policed as scene in Toronto where more than 90 stores were shut down and their owners arrested and charged in a court of law.
Pharmacies in Canada are eager to start selling medical cannabis while bars and other recreational facilities want to be able to start selling the recreational marijuana. The government and czar of marijuana are both for that idea. The Act of Canada and states of North America legalizing marijuana makes it easier for the drug use to be controlled.

Marijuana has been viewed as evil and a very dangerous drug by the society so I believe this will be an eye opener to many that it is not harmful if used for the right reasons and the right way. Even after the government has illegalized its use, it is still being used and abused by many people. At least if it were to be legalized, then the government would have control over its use and at the same time benefit from its sale through taxes and licenses. By doing so, they will be much more in control than at the moment.

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  1. Some of us don’t know that cannabis has a good effect in our life, some think its just a drug that you may feel high as you want, but it’s wrong. Because i am one of the people who prove that cannabis helps me in many ways like for medical purpose. I used CBD oil for my legs for how many months now because i have sprain when i play basketball last January. And i know not only me who used this there are a lot of people out there that can prove that marijuana has good benefits. Just read this and you may know more about it https://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/blogs/marijuana-news/marijuana-the-best-solution

    1. Leticia Camacho

      A lot of Jamaicans and other islanders use it as a herbal tea and to make hemp rope (which is one of strongest rope for relaxation) and after working hard in the fields all day. My grandfather was one of those people. I totally agree with your statement. I am also one those people who is interested in trying CBD to relieve pain and not not THC to get high.

  2. I made some oil with ever clear, roots,flower,stems, leaves. Kept this in mason jar that was in freezer. Shaking the bejesus out of it ever so often. When I took it of the freezer I notice the roots had cloud of white paste around it. Thought that was nasty looking. But after reading this article maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Does anyone know if this is a good way to process the CBD from roots?

  3. Although there was some good information here, I did find the characterization of the plant as a “drug” perpetuates old myths.

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