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Ordering from an Online Dispensary in Canada

Here is a review of Canadian online dispensary Shamrock.   In house content videographer and reviewer had some cannabis samples shipped to him so we could make an assessment of the quality of service, shipping and of course buds.

There are a few online dispensaries in Canada because there is obviously a market for having marijuana shipped directly to your home.  Simply due to the sheer size of Canada and with the advent of newly legislated decriminalization of cannabis, not everyone can get product that easily still.

Shamrock give you the ability to order in smaller or larger quantities.  

Products are shipped directly to your preferred destination.  So whether you’re in the remote areas of PEI or Northern Saskatchewan.  If Canada Post is anywhere close to where you live, chances are they’ll be able to ship weed to you.

Is Shamrock Online Dispensary Legit?

Shipment was fairly quick for smaller quantities and the quality was pretty good!  It also came with a paper with THC amounts. We did not test the validity.

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