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Review of the Levo Oil Infuser

Today we’re doing  a review on the Levo oil infuser.  Is it any good for making oil extracts from your cannabis? Let’s find out. 

Background: The Levo Oil Company

The Levo Company was established by Chrissy Bellman. Its primary focus is on helping people find unique ways to achieving optimal wellbeing.

The Levo Company with its new and unique infuser oil machine, helps its client to infuse at home, with fresh ingredients, opening up a bunch of recipes that streamline the advantages of healthy herbs.

These products also enable you to pick every one of your ingredients and give you the best control of your consumption.

The Levo oil infusers I and II are both produced by The Levo Company, which are ‘do it yourself’ herb and oil infusers that sit perfectly on the kitchen ledge, basement workstation, or a table in your garage.

Do I need an oil infuser for marijuana?

The uniqueness of these products is that unlike other DIY herb-infused products, which generally require you being around for up to three hours or even four hours to ensure the ideal decarboxylation temperature is reached.

Another advantage to having one machine to take care of the process is that you don’t have to dirty up a bunch of dishes or smell up your house – the decarb process essentially takes these concerns out of the equation. The heat control also is as simple as preheating a broiler.

Simply fill the herb unit, set the heat on the system screen, and return two hours later – which by this time, your product should be ready. No solvents, added substances, or emulsifiers are needed, which expands the lifespan of your product – making you enjoy every bit of it even after days.

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The Levo Oil Infuser Review

These Levo machines make their imprint, ensuring a disentangled and smooth procedure to make homegrown herbal infused oil or butter. Copying the tastefulness of a beautiful espresso maker. It is likewise agreeable with a wide assortment of oil and herbs, enabling you to make different types of infusion magic.

More so, when it comes to the structure of The Levo infusers, they are splendidly produced with durable parts that feel well, and all fit well also. To add to that, it’s tastefully engaging and won’t make your home looking like a science laboratory.

However, as indicated by most clients, even though The Levo infusion machines were advertised to be a basic, streamlined procedure. Regardless it leaves a smidgen to be desired in the convenience category — to use the tool, you’ll have to dry, decarb, and grind your herbs appropriately to get excellent outcomes.

There’s no doubt as far as I can say that they invested a lot of energy cautiously designing and building these infusers.

The machine infusion process itself takes about two or three hours to do, which makes the fast and straightforward selling focuses somewhat excess. This adds more strides to the cleaning process after infusing and generally doesn’t make the product any less complicated than others.

Cleaning it, then again, is relatively simple, with a couple of significant pieces of the product being able to be removed and can simply be tossed straight into the dishwasher.

After talking with different purchasers, we have been able to assemble the accompanying pros and cons to understand their thought on the product.

We anyway accept that you probably won’t encounter the same yet this is simply to give you a head up and make your choice for yourself if you need to utilize these products or not.


  • It Is Durable

One of the users explained that it’s a robust machine that resembles a piece of ordinary kitchen equipment, so there’s actually no compelling reason to frequently move it around. Because of that, the Levo II should hold up for a quite prolonged time.

  • Simple to follow instructions

As recently expressed, the Levo infuser product is a simple oil infuser to use. You simply load your herbs like marijuana, start it, include your oil, infuse, and eject when done. It really doesn’t need much from the user, despite the fact that there is more affordable oil infuser that makes the whole procedure simpler by just requiring the client to press a button.

  • Better yields

The oil infusers have plenty of alternatives to play with, and various settings will yield multiple outcomes. The default settings of the oil infuser also work well perfectly, and it produces some genuinely incredible clumps of oil.

As far as the final result, there’s no better improvement than the Levo II. What you infuse is what you get, which means that everything about its outcome is what that you’d need it to be, from its flavor to its potency.

  • Set it and forget it style

The set it and forget it method in Levo I and will, in general, be increasingly advantageous, yet this style of oil infusing does not provide you with all of the choices that the Levo II for one offers. The Levo II has preset heat and clocks that work fine, yet you can change and adjust those settings on the off chance that you do want.


  • Costly

The Levo II’s product is extremely appealing, yet the build quality could have been better even with its $350 price. One user said they would have preferred to see more steel, unlike plastic in this oil infuser design. It would give it to a greater extent a top-notch stylish to match its cost.

  • It doesn’t work with propylene glycol

It handles various oils very well; every single oil, such as almond, olive, and grapeseed oils to progressively intriguing bases like glycerine, ghee, and MCT oil. In any case, most users wish it worked with propylene glycol, so they may homebrew some THC-mixed vape squeeze also.

  • Size

In case you’re hoping to prepare littler amounts of top-notch oil, the Levo oil infusers may be the correct pick for you. Be that as it may, if you’re hoping to make enormous collections of edibles or you’re a customer that prefers substantial quantity, I’d suggest looking somewhere else.


The Levo oil infuser products have everything an infusion lover needs. You can truly make anything in this product requires infusion. Notwithstanding any sort of mixed eatable oil (mixed with herbs, flowers, citrus, roots, nuts), think skin lotions, shaving creme, lip balm, etc.! Your creative mind is your utmost.

The machine streamlines the procedure by joining all the infusion and pre-treatment steps into one device. Also, with adaptable temps and time settings for herb and oil pairings, there’s no possibility of wasting material and burning your product.

Like we said previously, one of the cons is its size, so in case you’re hoping to prepare small amounts of excellent oil, the Levo oil infuser may be the correct pick for you. In case you’re hoping to make vast clumps of edibles or you’re an overwhelming consumer, I’d say you look for something else.

In any case, the finished result is delightful, reliable, and undoubtedly healthy. It is by all accounts handy with the material that you use, which is a reward that balances the underlying expense.

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