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The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft Review – Making Your Own Cannabis Extracts

The Source Turbo is the first of its kind closed-loop vacuum, pro-sumer level, alcohol extractor machine made by a Colorado-based company called ExtractCraft. The Source Turbo is a machine that enables anyone to perform home ethanol extraction securely and effectively, utilizing any natural material from lavender, hops, sandalwood, and mushrooms to anything you will like to use in culinary arts, smoking, scenting, vaping, and cannabis medicine making. The Source Turbo can likewise be utilized to create mind-boggling, superb Cannabis Oil that astounds one from the first attempt. The Source Turbo machine comes with an enhanced processing time, altitude-specific tuning, Turbo mode and overhauled crucible design. Ideal for at-home cannabis extractions and simple to use with Bluetooth smart-gadget application. This machine is the only at-home extraction apparatus on the planet that is made straightforward, shrewd, and ok for all your extraction needs.

More so, the mobile application (iOS and Android) helps to monitor temperature, current altitude setting, vacuum level and also the time remaining until auto-shutoff. Utilizing the app is not compulsory for the operation of the unit, hence, those who do not want to utilize the app do not have to.

How the Source Turbo Operates

The Source Turbo is an independent closed-loop system that takes care of old ethanol evaporation issues without the usual awkward, hard to utilize, costly lab gear. Vacuum innovation and advance system control evaporated ethanol at near body temperature, between 100°F-105°F under ordinary operation condition. The simple low operational temperatures preserve the most sensitive attributes of an extraction, making the most high-quality, potent cannabis oil conceivable. Utilizing a blend of vacuum, heat, and an atmospheric temperature, the vacuum chamber turns into a collection vessel, otherwise called a “cold trap”, to recover the evaporated ethanol for reuse. Recovering ethanol from re-utilized shields the unsafe vapour from filling the surrounding air spares huge cash spending with each reuse, and eliminates waste. At the point when the extraction procedure is finished, the unadulterated cannabis oil extracts stay in the crucible and the clean recovered ethanol is separated in the glass collector.


  1. After setting up the source turbo and added your weed and you are sure the machine is working, you can walk away for some hours with the hopes that the extracts would have been done before you arrive.
  2. The machine helps you to recapture at a minimum of 50% of the total quantity of alcohol used.
  3. This appliance is a closed loop system, utilizing the vacuum and a very little heat makes it safe to set up on your kitchen counter


  1. The source turbo crucible can only hold about 500ml of quick was ethanol (QWET), so this is preferable for personal use only and not commercial.
  2. The extract vacuum is apparently the weakest part of the appliance design which makes the extraction process easy.
  3. There is an ice tray on top of the vacuum to keep the vacuum cool but this can result in loss of vacuum if you utilize too much ice. It seems to want to break the seal if you try remove it to add more ice.
  4. Some people may find the cost of the ExtractCraft to be too high.


Users reviews

The following reviews are from people who purchased the Source Turbo appliance and have also successfully tested how the appliance works.

The Source Turbo extractor works great with a simple operation. The appliance works perfectly as advertised and I made good and very clean concentrate with it. Although you need to set the correct sea level on the appliance while setting it up, hence the vacuum works properly. In addition, it is also important to purchase the 200 proof lab grade ethanol and also the silicon work tools and not forgetting work mat! – K. Mueller 

The appliance works great albeit, you need to utilize a turkey baster to extract the alcohol after the process is done, otherwise you will spill half of it. Although I felt frustrated when I tried to pour the alcohol and it just started leaking out in the middle – Gordon C

This appliance is easily one of the best all-in-one unit close-loop system evaporators on the cannabis extractor market. You can plug-in, set the elevation, and leave for some hours. Also, it comes with its own application for both android and iOS. Although I had some problems with my first unit and customer service agent reached out to me and replaced the base for me in no time. What makes the customer service unique is they go above and beyond for their customers. Finally, if only I could give 100 stars I would give this appliance a 100 per cent star rating, great job! – Julian Rojas

If you want the safest and easiest way to make essential oils and concentrates at home, this machine is all you ever need to do that. Personally, as a medical cannabis patient, I love this machine. It never ceases to amaze me with its ease of use and most importantly, the product delivery– Edwin DePreist **

Making CBD oil could not be easier than using the Source Turbo. The appliance was constructed in such a manner that it makes it easier to perform cannabis oil extraction even a novice.

The simple steps to CBD extraction are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Soak marijuana in ethanol, which is called the “wash”
  • Step 2 – Filter and pour away the herb from the main ethanol solution
  • Step 3 – Pour the filtered solution (ethanol) inside the Source Turbo crucible
  • Step 4 – Push the appliance button start the extraction process
  • Step 5 – In about 2-4 hours, the oil should be ready.

How To Use Extracts In Cooking, Oils

Using pure cannabis oil in cooking provides a substantially clearer and even delicious edible and also helps control the potency of the cannabis oil. A huge amount of cannabis oil can be mixed with a small amount of butter to make it strona ger or small amount of cannabis oil can be mixed with a larger amount of butter to reduce the potency of the cannabis oil depending on how the user wants it.  

Things to Note While Making Extracts  

  • While using buds, break the buds up by hand into a peanut size pieces. This ensures that there is increased surface area and thereby not releasing too much chlorophyll in the process.
  • Do not throw away the used weed after an initial soak, this is because alcohol has a saturation point. It is usually better to do a secondary soak if you have the intention of making tinctures, edibles or topical. Although it won’t be as strong as the first run but it will definitely worth the effort.
  • Try not to shake the crucible of the Source turbo and weed for more THC extracts that will cause more chlorophyll release.

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