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The Top 5 Weed Vaporizers 2019

What is a vaporizer?

Vaporizing is the process of heating dried cannabis or extract to a specific temperature below 392 degrees Fahrenheit, which is its combustion point. This heating process then turns the active compounds (terpenes and cannabinoids) into vapor.

Cannabis and vaporizer

Weed vaping is growing in popularity among people that are interested in consuming cannabis in a more convenient and health-conscious manner. Accordingly, the market has been flooded with a variety of weed vaporizing devices that help facilitate this process. These tools include Desktop vaporizers, Pen vaporizers, and Portable Vaporizers.

  • Desktop vaporizers: Desktop vaporizers, which are also known as stationary vaporizers, are vaporizers that need to be plugged into a power supply. They are generally referred to as “Stay at home” vaporizers because they are not portable. Desktop vaporizers, in general, come equipped with large bowls and more robust heating systems which efficiently deliver much higher quality vapor.
  • Pen vaporizers: Also known as “vape pens” and are in essence small vaporizers designed like a pen or e-cigarette. Vape pens often utilize conduction heating, making it vital that you understand how to operate it, so your products do not get overheated. Vape pens usually are disparate and easy to use.
  • Portable vaporizers: A portable vaporizer as the name implies is any vaporizer that can be taken on the go. The portable vaporizer is great for you if you intend to move around and vape. The majority of portable vaporizers are rechargeable, but they also have flame and butane options as well.


  • Temperature Control Settings: One of the most significant elements to look out for is the ability to change the temperature on your cannabis vaporizer. Temperature control setting can play a massive role in the flavor and quality of your vapor.
  • Battery: Another essential feature to look out for when choosing a good weed vape is its battery life. Having a unit that lasts for a long time is very useful.
  • Air path: A clear open air path made from glass or ceramics is one of the features that make a good vaporizer. Having a good flow also gives the advantage of more potent vapor.
  • Convection or Conduction heating: When choosing your cannabis vaporizer, knowing the type of vaporizer heating method suitable for you is essential.
  • Display: Another critical feature to look out for when choosing a good cannabis vaporizer is its ability to display the vapes info on an LCD or LED display. Some devices offer the option to see your current temperature level and battery level to know when a recharge would be needed.

Now that we have a fundamental understanding of how we assess the quality of vapes on the market, let’s have a look at our top 5 choices for vapes in 2019.

Top 5 weed vaporizers


The PAX 3 is regarded as the perfect vaporizer for any stylish beginner. It comes with a sleek and intuitive design and also works with both concentrates and herbs. The PAX 3 pairs with a mobile application to monitor and customize the temperature.

Price: USD 199.99

Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Quality: 8-10 sessions per charge, 60+ temperature settings, Bluetooth, control with the PAX Mobile App and 22-second Best-in-class heat-up.


When looking for a travel companion, the FlowerMate UNO vaporizer is the perfect match. It has a sleek, all black, portable design and also features a robust removable battery pack of 1800mAh. The portable UNO vaporizer heats up under 30 seconds.

Price: USD 174.99

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty

Qualities: OIED screen, haptic feedback, convention airflow technology, removable hardpack, 1800mAh battery, portable design, and haptic feedback.

This great vaporizer from Storz and Bickel offers high-value vapor in a sleek, handheld design. The crafty vaporizer offers several thermal engineering features, which in turn enhances the vaporization experience. The Crafty vaporizer comes with a Lithium-ion battery unit and is controlled by one button.


Price: USD 279.00

Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Qualities: The Crafty vaporizer is hand-crafted in Germany, and is constructed of top quality resources for first-rate functionality and durability.


The Mig vapor sol E-Nectar collector is one of the best marijuana vaporizers on the market as it has two in one functionality. The device works as both a dab pen and a nectar collector.

The device is incorporated with an internal 2000mAh battery capacity, which enables three different powers settings.

Price: USD 79.95

Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Qualities: Variable voltage, portable size, universal Micro USB Charging Port, hidden storage, and lots more.


The PAX 2 vaporizer from Pax Labs is a comfortable and reliable device which features a streamlined design with up to 30% higher battery capacity. The PAX 2 is available in 4 colors and is 25% smaller and about 10% lighter than the original PAX vaporizer.

Price: USD 259.00

Warranty: 10 Years Warranty

Qualities: The device measures 3.87 x 1.21 x 0.85”, takes less than a minute to thoroughly heat with four temperature settings 360 degrees F, 380 degrees F, 400 degrees F, 420 degree F. It has party mode settings including a game known as “Simon.”

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