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Top 5 Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensaries in Canada

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries and Shops

So far, medical marijuana is still the only legal pot in the Canadian system.  Now that you’re eligible to purchase medical marijuana, you want to know who the top retail dispensaries are right? First of all, are you qualified to purchase medical marijuana?

Who is eligible to buy marijuana from a dispensary?

Currently, in Canada, any individual be it a Canadian citizen or non-citizen such as a tourist can buy marijuana from a dispensary, so far the individual is above the age of 19, and must possess a medical marijuana card and an ID card (preferably a driver’s license or passport). Some dispensaries will accept a doctor’s letter of diagnosis in place of a medical marijuana card for any condition that medical marijuana can treat.

Online medical marijuana dispensaries are the best option for an individual who lives in a rural area and is interested in purchasing marijuana from a dispensary in Canada. Buying marijuana online is economical because you are acquiring it from a group that doesn’t pay for a storefront, free shipping is also an option as some dispensaries may offer free shipping on orders above a certain amount. There are a lot of options online and many diverse anxieties, but the keys to look for are the laboratory reports with outstanding results.

What is the difference in price of marijuana?

According to the federal government, legalization of marijuana is meant to extinguish the black market and keep the profits out of the reach of criminals. To achieve this goal, the government should be able to figure out how much legal weed should cost. Though, provinces will be responsible in determining the price of legal marijuana.

A medical marijuana user, who identified the best valued marijuana by tracking their prices relayed a November analysis from Canaccord Genuity, estimating  average prices for the total legal market (recreational and medical) to stay steady around $8 per gram until 2019 or 2020, with unstable prices remaining between $9 to $15 per gram.

What is the difference in quality between marijuana?

When it comes to marijuana, the total consumption experience can be greatly influenced by the quality of the pot. Whether you want to pick out the best dispensary or you want to improve your cultivation skills, it is important to determine the difference in the quality of the weed. Which left us with some differences below;

  • Some believe that the number one sign of good quality marijuana is the color, quality marijuana buds should be generally green in color, though it might range from light green to dark green. Hues of black and even purple, pink and blue can color the leaves at times which is uncommon.
  • Smell: Low-quality buds often lack any smell or smell like hay which is the sign of poorly-grown cannabis plant, but well-grown quality buds should have an identifiable, pungent smell indicating high terpene content.
  • Bud structure: Cannabis strains which are either pure or hybrid varieties of the cannabis genus of plants includes the species Indica and Sativa. Regarding indica and sativa buds, sativa buds are typically covered in more pistils than indica buds, and as a general rule of thumb, sativa buds should be more light and fluffy while indica buds should be tight and dense.

Dealing with buds, the best weed which is sticky to touch rubs off on one’s fingers.

Top 5 Retail Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada

Canada has been recognized as the producer of the world’s finest medical weed due to the fact they’ve created remarkable strains and established impressive techniques. Dispensaries are not just a place to acquire weed, but also a place of education and exploration. Here are the top five medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada transforming the marijuana shopping experience.

  1. Canna Clinic Medicinal Society: The canna clinic medicinal society which is known as Canada’s leading provider of medical cannabis products and accessories operate on multiple locations which amount to about 13 locations in Canada and 7 locations in Toronto. They offer smoke-free forms of medical marijuana such as extracts, edibles, ingestible tablets, suppositories, oils and kinds of butter, oils for vaporizers and topical products.
  2. Cannabis care: Online marijuana dispensaries are the safest and more convenient way to get high-quality marijuana. Cannabis care which is based in British Columbia allows you to buy the best, potency guaranteed marijuana products. They offer buds, medical cannabis concentrates, CBD edibles, THC edibles and many more. They also offer a tracking code to customers whose shipment is on the way to track their products.
  3. Sunrise Wellness: Sunrise wellness, established in early 2014 with two locations in Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the top medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada focusing on keeping affordable high-quality marijuana to patients. Sunrise wellness offers a wide selection of concentrates, flowers, capsules and tinctures, topicals and many more.
  4. MMJ Canada: MMJ Canada opened its doors to the public in 2013 as a very small, passionate and well-organized dispensary with professional staffs. They offer a wide selection of flower, edibles and concentrates, they also dedicated their time to educating patients on what will work best for them.
  5. Eden Medicinal Society: Eden medicinal society operates on more than one location with each location having a doctor on call who can provide patients with medical notes the hospitality they might expect, they offer services to patients who cannot make it to their store by providing a caregiver to pick up the medicine. They also offer products such as pain creams, edibles, concentrates and other smokeable forms of marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in Canada since 2001, giving room for dispensaries to pop up in record numbers around the country. For marijuana users looking to find a good source for their marijuana needs, always inspect your marijuana before you buy it, and make sure the quality of the marijuana you are about to buy isn’t low even if the cost is.

Cannabis Dispensaries in the US & Canada

These days, you can order almost everything online.  If you’re in Canada and don’t have a dispensary near you, you can order from an online dispensary such as buymyweedonline.com.

Since recreational cannabis consumption is steadily becoming legal in more states, provinces, cities and towns, we suggest you check out the following sites to find the nearest dispensary near you: 

If you’re in Canada: www.topdispensaries.ca

If you’re in the US: www.dispensarylistamerica.com


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