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Where to Buy Weed Edibles in Canada

As weed and marijuana edibles in Canada continue to grow in demand, suppliers are working hard to provide cannabis end products to keep up with such growth.  More and more people want to know where to buy weed edibles as they realize that supply can sometimes be scarce.



Cannabis or Marijuana edibles are becoming growingly popular these days.  After all, what can be better than treating a certain medical ailment by eating something you might actually enjoy for its taste?  It is not new that marijuana edibles (cannabis-infused products containing cannabinoids, especially THC that we can drink or eat) are a tasty alternative to vaporizing cannabis or smokable form of cannabis. This form of THC consumption can apply to both recreational and medical end users. Considering that consumption by ingestion can be quite effective, marijuana edibles can be a great option for treatment which may cause certain effects such as boosted appetite, strong or mild euphoria, fatigue and/or relaxation.  In fact, many medical marijuana users prefer ingesting their weed orally over smoking pot.

Though, it is said that edibles will initially remain banned when the Canadian government first introduces the cannabis Act, as the Act would build a strict structure for governing the production, distribution and possession of cannabis across the country, but some amendments had been made to include cannabis-containing edibles and cannabis concentrates which won’t come into effect until legalization takes place.

As cannabis edibles become the next big thing for cannabis entrepreneurs, consumers are starting to switch from smoking marijuana to eating marijuana as this particular niche brings in more options. The most popular, hot selling trends in edibles include everything from cookies, gummies, sweets, savory snacks, brownies, to sodas, drinks, coffee, and tea.

Once the barriers to entry become easier to surpass over time, the market will eventually experience an abundance of creative products for the growing cannabis market. The demand for marijuana edibles is growing and the need to supply goodies such as brownies and cookies will help drive more variety of products. The edible trends now include; Gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free baked goods; fine dining, savoury foods, sustainably-sourced edibles, gourmet chocolates and many more.

How to buy weed edibles?

              Buying your weed edibles on the internet is becoming more and more popular these days. It is also advised to obtain your marijuana edibles from an online dispensary that submits the products for testing, that share the test results with customers to check and who offer a tracking code to customers for each and every order.

Which companies sell edibles?

It can be a daunting task to create edibles, especially without any experience or guidance.  This is why dispensaries are looking to make it easier for you to access.  Unfortunately, the consumption of direct cannabis buds will not yield the same types of effects as highly concentrated products will, the process of making edibles is beyond that. There are lots of marijuana companies out there who specialize in the production and distribution of weed edibles, starting from Budderweeds who specialize in things like Gummy Bait, Soft Black Licorice, Fruit slices, unicorn Drops to some of the top competitors in the marijuana edible business – Sweet Jane Edibles.

Sweet Jane is a Canadian marijuana company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sweet Jane is one of Canada’s award-winning edible brands. They are one of the most of popular dispensaries across the country.

Some of the products they offer include; Sweet Jane – chocolate peanut which costs $16.00, Sweet Jane – Chocolate pretzels for $13.00, Sweet Jane – Dreamy Bars also for $16.00, Sweet Jane – Milk chocolate Dipped for $13.00, Sweet Jane Tincture – Chocolope, Orange, Peppermint and Vanilla which costs $30.00 each, Milk Chocolate mint cream cookies which costs $12.00, sugar-free lollipop which costs $12.50, sugar-free jewels which also costs $12.50, and some other drinkables like sodas which costs $15.00, and many more.

Sweet Jane edibles provide medical marijuana products to patients in need of, so it is very safe to order from them as orders are shipped out within two to five working days depending on the location

Sweet Jane Edibles also educates their clients on the risks and benefits of ingesting weed edibles. Some examples of these recommendations may include:

  • Marijuana edibles should not be eaten on an empty stomach, because doing this will make the individual high faster than expected as the rules of ingesting cannabis differ from that of alcohol.
  • If the individual is a novice user of edibles, it is advisable not to take them alone, and to start with a very small dose.
  • Lastly, it is very important to know the product you are about to ingest. Especially keeping mindful of the potency of the product.

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