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Which is better for enhancing creativity – Sativa or Indica?

When talking about weed, we often refer to two species – Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.  But we want to look at which type is more suitable for the creatve types such as musicians, artists and philosophers alike.

In this post, we will be taking a gander at some of the famous celebrities who have smoked pot.  Some of the celebrities we look at were influenced by pot, others captured by its careless prohibition, yet somewhat affected by this plant in one way or another.

A Short Glance at Famous Celebrities Who Have Smoked Pot

Whether we’re talking about stoner garage rock or blunts and hip-hop, most artists aren’t shy about speaking on marijuana’s creative power. It’s no secret that weed occupies a special place in entertainment culture. Music and grass is really a multi-generational phenomenon, spanning from the father of rock ‘n’ roll to iconic figures in grunge. However, cannabis had a more significant meaning for some more than others but isn’t that always the case with anything in life?

•    Rihanna

Rihanna has never shied far from her adoration for the green herb. A couple of years back paparazzi photographs of RiRi smoking a limit surfaced to the shock of definitely nobody. On her Instagram, you can see several photos of her and her companions getting high. Rumour has it that she is to be releasing her own weed brand, aptly named “MaRihanna”.

•   Zayn Malik

According to Standard.co.uk, the musician said that cannabis helps him be creative and manage anxiety. “Some people say it kills your ambition, some people say it destroys your personality,” he said. “Personally I haven’t had any of them experiences yet.”

•    Michael Phelps

Swimmer, Michael Phelps who is regarded as the greatest Olympian ever was caught taking a massive bong rip on camera in 2009; for someone who has achieved such a high level of achievement, it shows that even champions can enjoy a bong hit or two.

•    Hugh Hefner

Long-time playmate and coveted girlfriend Holly Madison revealed in her tell-all Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny that Hefner nightly puffed before, uh, other rituals.

•    Bob Marley

This list will be incomplete if the name of one of the greatest reggae musician isn’t added. Bob Marley is one of marijuana’s most iconic advocates. He was always following the fundamental pillars of his Rastafarian religion by smoking weed, touting. He is quoted saying; “Herb is a plant. Herb is good for everything.”

•    Whoopi Goldberg

In an April 2014, on-screen character Whoopi Goldberg wrote of how she utilizes a “vape pen” with weed to help with her glaucoma. Goldberg expressed, “As I compose my presentation segment for The Cannabist, discussing this recently legitimate weed and appreciating the states that have had the premonition to authorize restorative pot, I’m nearly enticed to praise the ideals of the vape pen.”

•    Miley Cyrus

“I think weed is the best medication on earth,” Cyrus had beforehand said in Rolling Stone magazine’s October main story. However, in a 2017 Billboard interview, Cyrus said she’s “completely clean” after giving up marijuana.

•    Snoop Dogg

It’s no news that in the kingdom of celebrity potheads, Snoop Dogg reigns supreme. According to The Hollywood Reporter in 2012 he acknowledges that he smokes with his teenage son, to show him the “real men” ways to get high

•    Bill Maher

Humorist and host Bill Maher straightforwardly talks about his pot utilize and sits on the board of directors for the National Organization for Marijuana Laws Reforms

•    Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr’s. Drug abuse problem prior in his life is outstanding, and the “Iron Man” star acknowledged to have started smoking marijuana at age 8, he told Rolling Stone in 2010.
There are others artists and musicians such as but not limited to Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Joel Madden, Kevin Smith, Queen Latifah, Jack Black, Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg, 2 Chainz, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rob Van Dam, Wiz Khalifa, Steve Jobs, George Carlin, Alanis Morisette, Gina Beavers etc.

Why Is Pot So Popular Amongst Some Artists?

Marijuana touched the lives and career of each performer who made the rundown above—and even a couple who didn’t. Music and Pot is hugely a multi-generational wonder, spreading from the forefathers of rock’n’ roll to a master of grunge. Obviously, cannabis had more huge significance for some more than others on this rundown—yet isn’t that dependably the case with anything else in our everyday life?
For most artists on the list, their stories are an indication of the influence of cannabis on their lives, careers, or at least the full world of weed that surrounded them. They acknowledge that pot allows creative them to tap into parts of their brains that otherwise may have laid dormant due to its mind-opening qualities.
Some of the greatest celebrities of our time credit marijuana as their muse, and have openly advocated the use of the herb. Nothing is better than turning up your favorite song, smoking a joint, and reflecting on life.

What Is It About Being High From Cannabis That Allows Some To Draw Creativity More So Than Being Sober?

According to The journal Consciousness and Cognition, a study was published which suggest that pot smokers outperformed non-smokers at one of the two tests. Scientists used to gauge creativities, and that the distinction in creativity is in all probability because of personality characteristics as opposed to the marijuana itself although many artists claim marijuana plays a crucial role in their creative process.
In an article by Artsy posted by Alexxa Gotthardt, it reported stated that,
Alanis Morisette confirmed that;
“Smoking pot was an amazing way to get “clarity” and see new perspectives when composing songs”.
According to Steve Jobs;
“Smoking pot makes him feel “relaxed and creative.”
Comedian George Carlin deemed weed as;
“value-changing” medicine that could open up “doors of perception,”
Gina Beavers also acknowledged that;
“Getting high can some of the time be useful for the creative part of the mind not really the execution of those creative thoughts.”
Flaherty likewise argues that the topic of whether cannabis use supports creativity to a great extent relies upon the personality of the artist.
“An exceptionally restless innovative individual may get some advantage from cannabis. In quieting them down, it could encourage their imagination,” Flaherty said. “Be that as it may, for somebody who’s already stoned, and who’s not very on edge to work, it may drive them into a position of being excessively laid back.”
Researchers from Washington State University also conducted a study on 412 cannabis users and 309 non-users. The examination likewise uncovered that cannabis users will probably be outgoing and more open to new encounters.
What’s more, cannabis users performed better in joined reasoning tests, this means they have a higher capacity to take care of issues by uniting different plans to locate a single ideal arrangement.

Is Smoking Pot Better Than Eating Edibles In This Respect?

There are two explanations behind this. The first is the pharmacokinetics of cannabis—the manner in which it is ingested and discharged by the body—are distinctive for smoking and eating it. The second is “set and setting,” the manner by which individuals utilize it and the desires they bring— notably, that it’s considerably less demanding to control the dose when smoking. Although most artists and musicians prefer so smoke than eating edibles, the result on them isn’t the same. Smoking pot gets THC into the body substantially quicker and at higher concentration, yet it remains there much longer if eaten. With smoking, between 50 to 60 percent of the THC can get into the blood plasma, and its concentration comes in 5 to 10 minutes. With orally administered cannabis, just 10 to 20 percent of the cannabinoids get to the blood plasma, and its peak concentration is between 60 to 120 minutes later. But notwithstanding, eating marijuana tends to produce a stronger and much longer-lasting high than smoking it.

Which one is better if I want to make a piece of music or a remarkable piece of art? Sativa or Indica?

Both plants have their own distinctive importance, effect, and use, but when it comes to creativity, the Cannabis Sativa plant does a better job than the Indica. According to Phoenix, the Sativa plant works as a stimulant. Most Sativa is used during the daytime and will energize the user and increase creativity with amazing cerebral enhancements. The Indica plant works better for patients that are suffering from Insomnia and could not get enough rest; a plant is an excellent option for them due to its sedative effect. When you do an Indica, the results are that you feel sleepy and relaxed. Then the best part for some patients is when you get the munchies from Indica.

Is it okay to get high before going to music or art class?

Many celebrities have acknowledged that getting high helps them gets creative and prepares them for the daily life challenge; why would it be wrong to get high also before a music or art class. The problem, however, is that like every other drug, people misuse marijuana, and this can cause an adverse effect on the long run but notwithstanding, with the right dose of marijuana in your system, you can achieve a lot of things you will usually not be able to accomplish.

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