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Viparspectra V1200 vs. PAR1200

The LED grow lights from Viparspectra are priced within the low to the mid-tier categories, making it a favorable company to buy from for the more cost-sensitive consumers.  With a strong 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and sleek design at its price point, Viparspectra is able to offer one of the best bangs for your buck.

Things to Consider While Buying A LED Grow Light For Marijuana:

Are you thinking of growing seasonal plants or marijuana? If yes, then one of the most crucial things you will need to grow marijuana is an indoor grow lamp. Choosing the LED to grow lights depends on various factors. Depending on the growth stage of the plants, adjustments may be required when it pertains to how much light they are getting, in addition to other factors such as water, heat, and ventilation.

Red And Blue Wavelengths: A plant absorbs different wavelengths of light to carry out various vital functions like photosynthesis. So, it is best to opt for a full-cycle grow light. Something that offers both the blue and red wavelengths to for optimal growth. Blue light from the LED grow light mimics the long day and stimulates vegetative leaf growth while the red light mimics the short day and encourages flowering. So, be sure to check whether the LED light has a full spectrum or not.

Coverage Area: Light size and beam angle play an important role in indoor planting. Choose the grow light that will cover the area you plan on using for your indoor plants. A larger light covers more area and offers even coverage. A small angle delivers more PAR, however, decreases the coverage area.

About the Viparspectra V1200 LED Grow Light

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Viparspectra has become a popular LED light for both seasoned and beginner marijuana growers.  Compared to higher priced lights such as KIND and Black Dog LED, Viparspectra is targetting a larger niche of people who don’t want to spend too much money on their grow kits.  But in this article, we are only going to look at two of Viparspectra’s products: the V1200 and the PAR 1200.

Viparspectra V1200 – Vegetative and Bloom Stage Management

With the V1200, you may experience higher yields as this LED light is a great option for those looking to upgrade or replace a 1000-watt light.  The Viparspectra V1200 enables the grower to switch certain lights on and off as needed. This great feature allows you to create optimal conditions for the plants to grow and bloom. It has a vegetative switch which allows the users to increase blue light and decrease the red one. On the other hand, you can reverse the process when the plants are in the bloom.

Other Features:

  • Viparspectra V1200 lamp is designed scientifically to balance the coverage of light.
  • This lamp offers optimal full spectrum- an ideal feature for growing marijuana.
  • The other lights in the market use 1200 watts. As compared to the traditional and other 1200 watts lamps, Viparspectra only consumes 524 watts.
  • The lamp has aluminum cooling heat sinks and high-speed 4.72-inch fans which offer easy heat dissipation.
  • The lamp’s LEDs angle is 90º.
  • It has high-intensity 5 Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips.
  • It weighs about 21.6lbs.
  • The lamp comes with 6ft power cord.
  • Viparspectra V1200 comes with an extensive 3-year warranty.

About the design of the Viparspectra 1200

The indoor growers have designed this lamp after careful experimentation of several years and extensive testing. The lamp is designed to keep high PAR/Lumen balance and to offer suitable coverage. It is scientifically engineered to offer even and intense light that is not just concentrated in the center of the growing area. This helps to help prevent potentially burning the leaves and stunting plant growth.

The lamp design has revolutionary aluminum cooling heat sinks and cooling fans which are 70% cooler than the old-fashioned lights. Viparspectra V1200 provides mixed light of several colors and light warmth. This helps to use the watts to its full potential to meet the plant’s needs. Also, the LED panels of this lamp have very low heat output.

The self-sufficient design of this lamp requires no extra ballast. The LED is long-lasting and easily controlled by the timer.  The maintenance cost of this lamp is zero.

Another very popular grow light is the VIPARSPECTRA PAR1200 Dimmable LED Grow light. Like the Viparspectra V1200, this light is also scientifically designed to manage the PAR/Lumen output balance and the coverage.  It offers an optimal full spectrum of light to the plants which is needed at all the growth stages.

The dimmable feature of this lamp is impressive and offers complete control. Thus, it becomes easy to have the exact spectrum of light that the plants need. It’s Blue and Red light is adjustable. The Viparspectra PAR 1200 enables you to turn on and off different colors of the spectrum which becomes necessary sometimes for the growth of the plants.

Other Features:

  • It comes with 2 dimmers full spectrum layout and hence ideal for use during all stages of plant growth.
  • Its secondary optical lens design is upgraded.
  • For easy heat dissipation, it has aluminum cooling heat sinks.
  • The lamp has upgraded 3.2” fans which run at high speed and quietly.
  • When compared to traditional lights, it consumes only 549 watts. Hence, it is ideal for a 4×4’ growing area at 24” height.
  • LEDs Angle is 90°.
  • It has high intensity 5 Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips.
  • It weights 27.5lbs.
  • It needs no extra ballast.
  • The lamps can be controlled by a timer.
  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years and 30-day satisfaction or return guarantee.


These energy efficient lights have perfected the light spectrum which ensures your plants grow healthy and dense. It is engineered carefully and has dimmable 240 red, blue and white 5-watt Bridgelux/Epileds diodes. It is recommended to use eye protection when using the lamp as the panel becomes extremely bright.

To magnify the PAR output, the lamp has a second optical lens. This increases the canopy penetration up to 200%.

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  1. Been using V1200. Very good results. In a 4×4 grow tent. Have grown with 2 1000 HPS in a 4x11area, rotating crop to center. If I’d double the V1200 in the 4×4 area. Yeld per plant would be very close. A lot less heat to contend with. Need a another light to test theory

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